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My One-to-One Zoom Consultations (on stand-up, comedy scripts, speaking, books, films, sketches)

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

"Chris was excellent (and very patient!) at showing me how to improve my comedy. I learnt a lot in a very short period of time. Friendly, helpful and professional." B.P.

"Chris' input was incisive, fair and challenging and Chris showed a genuine interest in seeing the work and my writing improve." E.F.

"I got an awful lot out of that session - brilliant!" C.B.

In the image above I am sitting here at my desk on Zoom, ready to talk comedy or indeed related topics like speaking/presenting and even books/book talks. The best way to let you know what I can do is to give you some examples. Below I discuss STAND-UP, COMEDY SCRIPTWRITING, SPEAKING/PRESENTING and then EVERYTHING ELSE (which giving notes on books, movie scripts and more!)


In stand-up, I can work on jokes, stories, routines, songs, club sets and full length shows. For example, I've recently worked with a couple of stand-up comedians in New York via Zoom, analysing videos of their gigs with them (which can be an uncomortable but illumiating process!), going over script and working with them to punch up ideas.

I also recently directed an hour long stand-up/musical comedy show (via Zoom!) for Richard Lindesay to perform in festivals iin Australia and at Edinburgh 2024. In fact, Richard has been a long running Zoom client - beginning in fact around 2012 in the years BZ (Before Zoom). I have coached him every step of the way, mostly online, to the point where he earns his living as an acclaimed musical comedian and unlikely social media star. Richard says:

"Chris Head has been my comedy mentor and director for over ten years. When I started out in standup comedy, Chris helped me develop my first ever ten minute set which took me from being an open mic comedian to getting professional comedy club bookings. He has been on my comedy journey with me ever since, being my wise advisor along the way. Most recently he directed my musical comedy show Always Been a Player, and he helped develop the show into something really special. I always turn to Chris when I need help and I’m always surprised just how much valuable direction I get every single time."


I have also recently worked on two Edinburgh shows via Zoom, Phil Green's "90s Boy" (2022) and Sam Day's "The Booby Trap" (2023) both of which were nominated for Amused Moose comedy awards and have over 15 years experience directing live comedy shows.

In the sessions we look at:

* Your persona - developing your identity on stage.

US stand-up Lauren LoGiudice said of our Zoom sessions:

"I worked with Chris to develop my persona and he was able to diagnose where I needed to go. He had great ideas as I encountered obstacles in figuring out how to implement the elements of my persona. It’s now so clear that after a recent performance someone asked to cast me in a film to play a character who is like my persona!"


* We also work on your writing - whether or not there is literally a script. Getting your existing material to work better and developing new material.

Mhy work with you on stand-up can start with a FREE 15 minutes session, progress to a 30 minutes session and we can also do 60 minutes sessions - all on Zoom.

Comedy Scripts

The common approach to getting input with your comedy scripts is to recieve a written script report - and there are several great people offering this service. I take a different approach. I read your work, prepare notes and then we have a Zoom session where we talk over your script. I highlight what's working, what needs work and what you can do. But crucially, from the conversation will emerge things that you I hadn't thought of ahead of time - ideas that come up between us. This is the advantage of actually talking over your work rather than you simply receiving written notes.

I can work with you on sitcom/ comedy drama scripts that are at an early stage, or indeed further down the line. For example, I have just been working with a writer on a sitcom script that a production company are interested in. He'd got to the stage where he'd received notes from the producer and we worked together to find the best and most creative ways to respond to those notes, develop the script and move the idea on. The producer was struck by how clear, funny and well structured his rewrite was after our sessions together.

"I can’t recommend Chris enough – though I’ll get it a go. Not only did he help me fix my script’s structure, but he also helped me hone my characters and see where to make cuts. Working with Chris got me out of the rut I was lodged in and helped me progress to the next level with my producer. I’ll be sending him any new scripts I’m working on Chris’s way."


I also recently did sessions with writer Harry ter Harr on a script - this time directly in collaboration with the producer as well. The producer is now pitching the script to channels. Harry said,

"Chris has an incredible knowledge of sitcom structure and archetypes. He is a brilliant editor with a clinical and comedic eye. His feedback is always super clear, informed and thoroughly thought through."


So you send me the script ahead of time for me to read and in our sessions we'll talk about at:

* The characters - developing your characters so they are engaging, rounded, dysfunctional, driving the action.

* The relationships - developing the ensemble of characters so that they are distinct from one another, are rubbing up against each other in ways that create comedy and ensuring the whole group of characters functions to serve the show.

* The setting - making sure the situation is the best arena to bring out the comedy, that it is well drawn and that you (and the audience) have a strong connection with it.

* The nuts and bolts of script writing - formatting, action description (stage directions), dialogue, use of parenthesis etc...

* The scenes - to ensure they are well structured, tight, developing the narrative and are funny!

* Developing the unfolding of the main story so that it hits the key beats - a clear turning point, midpoint, crunch point within a three act structure.

* Looking across the subplots - making sure the A, B, C (and maybe D) stories are unfolding and interweaving in an effective way.

* If you are missing a smaller story line (of a C story type) exploring if the script would benefit from one, what it might be and how it could fit.

Clients of my script-editing/coaching have been amongst the winners of the BAFTA Rocliffe competition, the BCG Spring Script Selection and won Sitcom Mission, and have had comedy drama sitcom scripts commissioned by Channel 4. a sitcom pilot broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and a series commissioned by Channel 5. Other clients have had comedy plays at the Edinburgh Fringe and Soho Theatre.

Mhy work with you on your comedy script can start with a FREE 15 minutes session, progress to a 60 minute session working on scenes, characters, story and ultimately a Full Script Read and feedback/discussion.

Speaking/ Presenting

I work with all sorts of speakers - and usually the main goal isn't the funniness (although that's a welcome part of it), it's more about your speaking persona, connecting with the audience, themes, structure, timing, rhythm and storyelling - whether the aim is to get a laugh or to land a point.

* I worked with author Kieran Setiya on the talk he was doing on his speaking tour to promote his book "Life is Hard: How Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way". Kieran said:

"Chris Head taught my that the story comes first, how to involve the audience, and where to put the jokes. If you want to give talks that entertain as they inform, he’s an extraordinary guide!"


* I have worked for a number of years with voice coach Caroline Goyder on her own speaking and presenting, including on a TED talk that now has over 10 million views. Caroline said:

"Chris is - I say this rarely - a genius. He draws out your ideas and helps you shape them so they work. Then he shows you how to land them with power. And he does is with a real groundedness and calm that is hugely confidence building."


Mhy work with you on your speaking/ presenting can start with a FREE 15 minutes session, progress to a 60 minute session (or sequence of sessions) working on your delivery, your speaking persona, the content, structure, connecting with the audience and more.

Everything (and Anything) Else

I'm lucky enough to work with all sorts of people on all sorts of things. For example, I've just done a series of sessions working with a writer on a book about Shakespeare! Looking at drafts, providing notes, talking about structure, editing parts of the text... I also recently read a script of a dramatic movie that is going into production this year in the UK and gave notes on the comedic aspects to the director - and as it turned out - the drama too. I've also been helping someone with his performance poetry and helping someone else with a new corporate training concept.

So there's lots I can do!

The best starting point is to book a 15 minutes FREE consultation.

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