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My Online Sketch Comedy Courses

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I run three great Writing TV & Online sketches that go by the names RED, GREEN and BLUE - plus a RADIO SKETCH COMEDY COURSE. Wondering what the thing is with these colour coded names? This video reveals all.

Hopefully that explains everything! Sorry it went over 3 minutes. These classes have been done by people all over the UK, Europe and internationally. (Classes start 7pm UK time). On the courses, you will be inspired to write lots of new sketches and you'll enhance your sketch writing skills. You might be writing for TV, YouTube, social media, radio or the stage. Each course has different examples sketches, techniques and inspiration.

Each week takes a different theme and in the Zoom sessions we watch, analyse and discuss a wide range of comedy sketches to uncover techniques and approaches. This is all a springboard to you writing your own brand new sketches. There'll are also creative exercises in the class to get your ideas flowing.

Each course also has a Trello board where there will be notes from the sessions, the homework and also videos of the classes so you can recap or catch up any you missed.

And here are the courses. Every class teaches the fundamentals and covers a range of other topics.

TV & Online Comedy Sketch Writing (RED) Next start 14 Sep 2021 (5 x Tuesday evenings) Work on Topical sketches, Job interview sketches, "Unsaid said" sketches, Transpositions and Parodies. Lots of inspiring examples and creative exercises to get you writing. MORE INFO AND BOOKING

TV & Online Comedy Sketch Writing (GREEN) Early 2022 dates TBA Work with characters based on real people, Undercutting high-status characters, Sport, music, reality TV and game shows parodies and Recurring characters. MORE INFO AND BOOKING

TV & Online Comedy Sketch Writing (BLUE) Summer 2022 dates TBA Work with Transaction sketches, Restaurant sketches, Teaching sketches., Incongruous speech and anthropomorphic/ personification sketches. MORE INFO AND BOOKING

Writing Radio Sketch Comedy Next start 2 Nov 2021 (5 x Monday nights) Work with structuring sketches, dialogue, punchlines, sound effects, formatting radio sketches and an introduction to recording and editing. Lots of inspiring examples and writing exercises.


You can do these in any order and any one can stand alone. Taken together, it's a uniquely comprehensive online sketch writing programme.

Any queries let me know:

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