Write Inspired Comedy Sketches! (Zoom course)

Updated: Nov 21

Live interactive Zoom course:

Join a great group and get inspiration and learn techniques for writing (and making!) TV, Social Media, Live and Radio comedy sketches - you can focus on the areas that most interest you. And you can come back as many times as you like!

Watch/ listen to brilliant sketches that have been nominated by YOU and chosen by Chris, curated around a theme, to illustrate an inspiring approach to comedy writing and get loads of ideas for new sketches.

You can share sketches from:

- TV shows

- social media

- live performance

- radio

... These can include sketches written by YOU!

"I absolutely loved the course, thank you so much. It feels like you've handed me a golden key to the comedy world. I was feeling so stagnant and your course has renewed my passion for comedy :) I'm looking forward to the next chapter :)" SJ

Each week takes a different theme and in the Zoom sessions we watch, analyse and discuss a wide range of comedy sketches from to uncover techniques and approaches. This is all a springboard to you writing your own brand new sketches. There are also creative exercises in the class to get your ideas flowing.

You'll also be taught/ reminded of the nuts and bolts of sketch writing: - Point-of-view, voice-of-reason and reasonable/unreasonable behaviour in sketches - Finding and playing the 'game' of a sketch - Structuring sketches (using my SREP model). - Techniques such as 'unsaid said', false dawns, transpositions, parody and more.

Each class ends with a number of inspiring writing briefs for you to choose between and you write and share your script, audio or video before then next class. Yes, simply submitting a script is welcome, but you can make sketches as homework too - and one sketch that was made in response to a homework brief was amongst the 15 winners of the 2022 Comedy Crowd Chorts Competition! I'll post it here when the winners are announced.

Across the five weeks you will:

- Learn highly practical techniques that you can use straight away to write new material.

- Brainstorm ideas and develop sketch concepts within the session.

- Enjoy discussing comedy, ideas and writing techniques with a supportive group.

- Write new scripts, get feedback that will make them better and leave the course with a stack of new material.

- Make audio or video sketches if you wish and get technical advice and support too.

Feedback will be written up and shared in advance of the session, plus each week in the session we will review some of the new work produced to:

- highlight what's working and why,

- and to share ideas and techniques to make it even better

- So you'll end up with a stronger sketch and everyone else will learn how to improve their own sketch writing.

A Trello board accompanies the course with background information and resources. Then after each session, on the board, you will receive a video of the entire class, follow up notes and this space also becomes a forum for sharing comedy sketches, tips, info and for supporting and inspiring each other.

Leave the course with new sketches, enhanced writing skills and connections with a bunch of great comedy people.

In previous classes we have watched and analysed sketches from Key & Peele, Mitchell & Webb, Tim Robinson, Monty Python, Chris Morris, Rowan Atkinson, Tracey Ullman, Aunty Donna, Fry & Laurie, Rose Matafeo, Saturday Night Live, Catherine Tate, League of Gentlemen, Fast Show, Mr Show, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Smack the Pony, Armstrong & Miller, Little Miss Jocelyn, Famalam, Spike Milligan, Amy Schumer, Victoria Wood, Spitting Image and great Facebook, Twitter and TikTok sketches. Expect more of the same and some fresh faces - chosen by you!


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