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One-to-One Coaching

I  am a comedy script consultant and a director of live comedy, including stand-up. Whether we're working on a comedy script, stand-up or speaking, every session is practical, pesonal and inspiring. Plus if meeting online, you will receive an mp4 video of the session. And for work on scripts and material, I don't simply send you notes. We work together to develop your work and come up with ideas, improvements and solutions between us. 

From £30 for 30 mins and £50 for an hour.  

Here's a script session testimonial:

"I can’t recommend Chris enough – though I’ll give it a go. Not only did he help me fix my script’s structure, but he also helped me hone my characters and see where to make cuts. Working with Chris got me out of the rut I was lodged in and helped me progress to the next level with my producer. I’ll be sending any new scripts I’m working on Chris’s way."

Writer Jared Hamilton who did Zoom sessions with me on his TV sitcom script

B314214 Head NK-4 (1)_edited.jpg

Harry ter Harr, comedy writer

"Chris has an incredible knowledge of sitcom structure and archetypes. He is a brilliant editor with a clinical and comedic eye. His feedback is always super clear, informed and thoroughly thought through. He works very quickly and is a natural and generous teacher.  I really liked that he kept on bringing me back to character as opposed to simply trying to 'think of funny ideas.' This really enriched the project." 

Stefania Licari, Stand-up comedian

"Chris is truly the most amazing comedy director and stand up mentor. His passion, care and extensive knowledge make his coaching a must for anybody in the industry or seriously interested in comedy. Also he has this (very rare!) ability to work efficiently with international students, bringing out the richness of various and diverse backgrounds and cultures."

Lauren LoGiudice, US stand-up

"I worked with Chris to develop my persona and he was able to diagnose what I was doing … and where I needed to go. He had great ideas as I encountered obstacles in figuring out how to implement the elements of my persona. It’s now so clear that after a recent performance someone asked to cast me in a film to play a character who is like my persona!"

Book One-to-One Sessions


Start here! 
If you are working with me for the first time and want a taste of my approach, or are not sure what to book, or want to have a chat ahead of a new round of work please book this free 15 mins session.

Free 15 Minutes



30 mins session. You can send script or video ahead of time of a 5 or 10 mins set and in the session we will sharpen up your act, persona and performance. (1 hour stand-up session below).

Stand-up Comedy 30 mins Consultation - £30



1 hour session. This session is for stand-up, comedy. We can work on writing, performance, persona and more. You can send me script and/or video of yourself on stage ahead of the session if you like.

Stand-up Comedy Consultation - 1 hour £50



1 hour session. This session is for comedy sketches, sitcom script excerpts or any other creative work you want to look at. (I have helped people with comedic novels, plays and character comedy too).

Comedy Script Consultation - 1 hour £50

Chris Head - stand-up class.jpg


1 hour session. I have helped many speakers in all sorts of contexts hone their message and their delivery, from business presentations, to science talks to book tours. (The image shows a younger me speaking at ITV in London!)

Speaking Consultation - 1 hour £65

Writing narrative comedy.jpg


1 hour session. Develop your 30 mins sitcom/comedy drama script. You send me the script ahead of time for me to read and then we have an in depth session on taking it forward looking at dialogue, characters, plotting and more.

​Sitcom/ Comedy Drama Script Review - 1 hour £95



1 hour session. Send me a video of your live comedy show and I'll give you detailed notes and feedback looking at narrative, structure, jokes, performance and more. Click here for more on show directing.

Live Comedy Show Consultation - 1 hour £95

Soho Theatre bar.jpg


1 hour session in person. Upcoming sessions available Mondays 8th January - 26th February 2024. In these sessions we can meet face-to-face to discuss your stand-up, script writing or speaking/ presenting in the bar of Soho Theatre. London rehearsal room sessions available. Please contact me .

London Comedy Consultation - 1 hour £50

Caroline Goyder, author and speaking coach

"Chris is - I say this rarely - a genius. He draws out your ideas and helps you shape them so they work. Then he shows you how to land them with power. And he does is with a real groundedness and calm that is hugely confidence building."
(Over ten million views for the TEDx talk Chris directed and script-edited for Caroline)

Lottie Field, Comedy writer, performer and stand-up

"I cannot recommend Chris highly enough as a comedy coach. He has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and depth of understanding about every aspect of comedy. He brings a real clarity of vision and I have gained so much direction and motivation and would encourage any comic to work with him."

Kieran Setiya, author

"Chris Head taught my that the story comes first, how to involve the audience, and where to put the jokes. If you want to give talks that entertain as they inform, he’s an extraordinary guide!"
Kieran is author of "Life is Hard: How Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way"
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