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Speaking Training

For individuals and groups

Drawing on techniques from stand-up & improv to help you be a better, more confident and more natural speaker. In London, the UK, internationally and online.

Picture: Here I am arriving at Superheroes agency, Amsterdam, to lead two days of pitching training. (They seemed to have an AI receptionist!)

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What I Offer

Training for individuals ahead of speeches, pitches and presentations.

Clients include:

voice coach Caroline Goyder and academic/ author Kieran Setiya.

Bespoke training for companies on pitching and presenting.

Clients include The&Partnership (London), Superheroes (Amsterdam), 180 Kingsday (Amsterdam), Allen & Overy (London)

Stand-up courses for creatives! Yes I run courses in agencies where everyone does a stand-up show in a comedy club.

Clients include Lida, MRM Meteorite, McCann

What my Clients Say

I coached Kieran ahead of a book tour where he was speaking about his book "Life is Hard: How Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way".

And I coached Caroline Goyder on the content and delivery of her TEDx talk that now has over 10 million views.

Django Weisz (Superheroes agency, Amsterdam)

"The sessions with Chris were really inspiring. Chris managed to create a safe setting so people could really engage and participate in the assignments without hesitation. We learned how to break with the usual way of making and doing presentations and received some very good tools to improve the way of presenting. On top of this the sessions were really good for team building."

Victoria Fox, CEO at LIDA (M&C Saatchi)

"At LIDA we have been engaging Chris Head to run his stand-up comedy course. Ten people from across the agency, across a wide range of disciplines and levels sign up. I can honestly say it is a truly brilliant course that I couldn’t recommend highly enough. Its fantastic for the individual - building confidence, self awareness and presentation skills. It's brilliant team building for the team that sign up each year and it is culturally part of our LIDA DNA now. The course culminates in a show. A night the whole agency gets behind and looks forward to. The best value for money training. Chris is simply brilliant.” 

Simon Devereux,
Bank Paribas, Amsterdam

“We are an international team of portfolio managers. For our annual team meeting Chris gave us a day completely filled with funny exercises, good discussions on dos and don'ts when speaking for clients and some nice examples of a few of the best stand-up comedians out there. We really enjoyed the way he taught us how to handle hecklers and the course certainly helped us to get to know a lot more about each other. Therefore the team building targets were certainly met and we will also be much better equipped the next time we'll be presenting in front of our clients.”

About Me.

I have years of experience in a huge range of businesses helping people, speak, present and pitch with my inspirational workshops based in stand-up and improv. Clients include The&Partnership, PwC, M&C Saatchi (Lida), Superheroes (Amsterdam), Juice MRM Meteorite, 101 London, 180 Kingsday Amsterdam, Bank Paribas (Amsterdam), UBS, Allen & Overy, McCann, Grayling, Warner Brothers, MUFG, Severn Trent, Digitas, The Mill, Institute of Water, Brandwalk, ITV, Channel 4, George P Johnson, Google.

What I Do

Something Different

Based on stand-up comedy and improv.

Many people don't like public speaking and presenting - and don't like workshops in it either! Being forced to get up and speak in a training context can be excruciating and the lessons are often unmemorable and generic. I take a different approach. I have years of experience in a huge range of businesses helping people, speak, present and pitch with my inspirational workshops based in stand-up and improv.

Transferable skills

From comedy world to corporate world

There are so many transferable skills that stand-up and improv teach you. And it's about so much more than simply being funny. Learn how to land a message, connect with your audience, find your speaking persona and deal with heckling (aka unhelpful challenges and questions).

What the students say

Partcipants in Lida stand-up course

"Chris himself was inspiring, really knew his stuff and engaged all of us (even the more reluctant among us) from the word go." "He got to know us all personally and encouraged us to build on our strengths rather than fashioning a particular style."  "The buzz of actually getting up on stage was amazing and brought me closer to colleagues that I may otherwise not have gotten the chance to meet."

The Stand-up Course!

I take your team through the process of finding their comedy voice, writing material and performing it so it works. Incredible speaking skills guaranteed.


• Improved self-confidence 

• Aware of my delivery style in presentations, in meetings, even with my mates! 

• Discover your real personality and how you can use it to your professional benefit. 

• New friends guaranteed 

• No corporate ‘team building’ bollocks can even come close - comradery experienced on a whole new level  

• A tremendous sense of achievement and gratitude to the agency for investing in that feeling. 

• An unforced, un-corporate learning environment 

• The feeling of being in an elite club belonging to those who had the balls to do it 


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