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Comedy Courses

Zoom & In Person

I offer courses in Writing Stand-up and writing TV comedy scripts. Groups sizes are around 10-12. The Zoom classes are all live and interactive, plus I offer in person courses in London and Stroud. 

"Absolutely brilliant course! I'd highly recommend it. Chris has wealth of knowledge and experience. The course was very interactive and the feedback on our work was detailed. It was great to be encouraged to do weekly writing exercises which enabled me to explore techniques I wouldn't have considered. Thank you. "

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Zoom & in Person Courses


If you're starting a sitcom or comedy drama script, here is a free short video course to get you started on the right footing. It'll also give you a flavour of my teaching style in the live and interactive Zoom courses.

"Chris has an encyclopaedic knowledge of stand-up and is really passionate about sharing it. The lessons and activities are well thought through and well structured. Chris has a very engaging style which encourages every participant to progress. The online format works extremely well and the weekly assignment helps practice and crystallise the learning points. Overall a very enjoyable experience."
"Thanks Chris for such a great opportunity to learn more about comedy writing. The online Sitcom & Comedy Drama course was everything I had hoped it would be: an introduction to some comic tools and devices with clear explanations and plenty of concrete examples, lots of opportunities to incorporate learning into our own work, and detailed, constructive feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to more. Thanks again!"
"I would say to anyone thinking about perhaps doing such a course- just DO IT!! The amount of content and information, and the opportunity to come together for 2 hours every week with like-minded people, is fantastic. Plus the aspect of helping each other by reading and reviewing each other's work."
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