"A Director's Guide to the Art of Stand-up"

Published in July 2018, my book on stand-up covers developing your persona, writing (and-re-writing) jokes, writing routines, telling stories, timing and performance, developing and structuring full-length festival and touring shows, sharing personal pain in stand-up, and how stand-up and theatre influence each other.

“Head’s style is refreshingly breezy and simultaneously substantial. He offers practical insights: for example, audiences do not laugh at material, they laugh with or at the performer who discovers a compelling comedic self. In this remarkable manual, Head demonstrates what Horace Walpole once observed, namely that life is a comedy to those who think. And Head helps each comedic persona think.” - CHOICE (United States)

"It opened up a world that I didn't know before and haven't stopped exploring since. I hope this book does something similar for you."

From the foreword by Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Editor

"Creating Comedy Narratives for Stage and Screen"

To be published on 11th February 2021, my second book covers sketch, sitcom and comedy drama, alongside improvisation and stand-up, bringing together a panoply of tools and techniques for creating short and long-form comedy narratives for live performance, TV and online - including material you won't find anywhere else.


Referencing a broad range of comedy from both sides of the Atlantic, spanning several decades and including material on contemporary internet sketches, it offers all kinds of useful advice on creating comic narratives for stage and screen.

Interviewees, from the UK and the USA, include Steve Kaplan (Hollywood comedy guru) , Will Hines (teacher and improviser from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre) and Lucy Lumsden (TV producer and former Controller of Comedy Commissioning for BBC.)

A stimulating resource for comedy students and their teachers, with a range and a depth that will be appreciated by even the most eclectic and multi-hyphenated writers and performers.

Photos from the 'A Director's Guide to the Art of Stand-up' book launch at Soho Theatre, 22nd September 2018.  Featuring readings and acts directed by Chris Head, all of whom feature in the book. Starring Richard Lindesay, Katia Kvinge, Helen Wood and Steve Whiteley as Wisebowm.

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