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Here's how to structure your TV comedy script

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

I've written and spoken a lot lately on structuring your TV sitcom/ comedy drama script so you have a choice of ways of getting this info from me! I'm looking at three act structure, the beats of your story and working with multiple storylines. This kind of thinking also applies to other kinds of comedic writing like comedy plays or films.

If you want to read about it, here is the blog post I wrote for British Comedy Guide on this topic - and this is the blog that we discuss in the below podcast:

Here I am talking about it on the Comedy Masterclass podcast if you fancy a conversational exploration of it all.

Also latterly I work with the host Danielle Krage on structuring a sitcom episode that we make up on the fly! If you want to hear about how these structural beats (and indeed character dynamics) play out as you develop a show, have a listen from 35 mins.

And here is an hour long webinar of me talking about all this plus clips and scripts from shows - Alma's Not Normal, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Catastrophe.

If you go through all of this you'll (a) possibly be sick of me but (b) will certainly know how to structure your TV comedy script! And if you want to work on the shape of your script with me you can do so! See the info here - scroll down past the stand-up bit...

And I run a course where you can work with me and an inspring group on getting your script into shape.

Oh and check out part 3 of my second book.

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