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Podcast! "Q&HA! The Question Tools of Comedy"

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

In 10 minute episodes I give you writing inspiration by giving you inspiring questions to chew over.

If you know my work, you'll know that I'm a great believer in the power of inspiring questions to take you to creative ideas. So much so that when I decided to start a podcast rather than giving answers I decided to give questions.

The Q&A nature of my new podcast inspired me to call it "Q&HA!" (geddit?) subtitled: "The Question Tools of Comedy". I woke up inspired and recorded episode 1 at 7.30am on a Saturday - and due to my partner Kate and our daughter not being up, I had to speak in hushed tones - which has given me a late night radio DJ kind of voice! Peter at the Comedy Crowd said "late night radio's loss is comedy's gain".

As I release each episode I'm going to update this blog. Here are the episodes so far.

Episode 3: "What would solve it?"

In this third episode Chris gets you asking the question: "What would solve it?". Here you identify a problem and come up with a counterintuitive or absurd solution. For example, if you're trying to record a podcast and a dog is barking... how about making the barking dog a co-host? Plus practical exercises for you to try this kind of problem solving in your stand-up and with your sitcom/ comedy drama characters.

Produced in association with The Comedy Crowd.

Here is my 'what would solve it' video with Emily Heller and Joey Medina.

Episode 2: "What if you treat this situation as if it's a different one?"

In this second episode I get you asking the question: "What if you treat this situation as if it's a different one?". For example, if the scenario is in a greasy spoon builders café, what if you or your character treated it as if it were a fine dining Michelin starred restaurant? Actually that's a great example! I've come up with it too late to include in the recording, but there are plenty more great examples from Motherland, Friends, Key & Peele, Kevin Bridges, Richard Pryor and more. Plus practical exercises for you to try these kinds of 'as if's in your own comedy.

Episode 1: How can it be worse? This is a great question to ask of a stand-up routine, sketch, sitcom scene/story or anything else comedic. I'm not, of course, meaning that you should make the work worse. Rather that by looking at how you can make the situation worse that you or your protagonist are in. In this episode I quote Mr Cee with a great example he shared with me when I interviewed him for my "Director's Guide to the Art of Stand-up" book.

Produced in association with The Comedy Crowd.

Chris' London stand-up course starts in January 2023

Chris runs online courses in comedy sketch writing

Chris's latest book on sitcom, sketch, stand-up and more "Creating Comedy Narratives for Stage & Screen"

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