Chris Head's Stand-up Courses

Updated: Nov 17

I run stand-up comedy classes live in LONDON (next course starts in January 2023 - full info below) and in STROUD (next Stroud course after Easter 2023). I've been doing these courses for over 15 years. If you want to try stand-up this is an inspiring, friendly place to learn how and to develop your creativity and performance skills in ways you never thought possible - and going through the process of finding your funny and then putting it on stage and getting laughs will be one of the best experiences you've ever had. And if you are gigging already, you can sharpen your skills, write new material and take your act to the next level. (Also, have a look at my ONLINE SESSIONS FOR GIGGING COMICS.)

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In the experienced hands of Chris Head (comedy director, teacher and author of "A Director's Guide to the Art of Stand-up") across eight weeks you will be guided through developing your persona, creating material and delivering it so it works - and you'll put it all into practice in a special stand-up show on the last night of the course. You'll become a sharper, funnier performer, your creativity will be expanded, you'll meet some great people and will have a truly memorable experience.

""From my very first lesson with Chris I knew that I’d made one of the best decisions of my life, to have a go at stand-up. As a fairly shy person with an acute inability to stand and speak in front of other people, the course provided an enjoyable environment allowing me to immediately get behind the mic and have a go, without feeling uncomfortable. [At the end of course show] the adrenaline rush when I came off stage was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I’m now having the ride of my life, with more gigs under my belt and the confidence to write and perform more material." Ian Murri'l

"I've had quite a good stand-up week so I just wanted to let you know! Monday I managed to beat King Gong at the London Comedy Store, I also beat the Blackout at Up the Creek and on Friday got an email to say I'm through to the regional showcases of BBC New Comedian of the Year. All thanks to your course Chris! Stand-up was just a bucket list thing but the course itself and all the great people in the group made me want to stick at it". Carwyn Blayney

(Carwyn is pictured performing in the end-of-course showcase at the Museum of Comedy)

My stand-up classes are friendly, supportive and inspiring. Nervous newbies (and more confident ones too) are welcome, as are gigging acts who'd like to create new material and develop their skills. I am a director of stand-up and so from me you will receive a director's perspective on your developing act. My style of teaching is particularly suited to enhancing your confidence, inspiring ideas and material, and developing your writing and performance skill set. (Pictured is student Tallulah Haddon performing at the showcase gig).

Marco Bellini, a gigging act, said "Hadn't been on stage for a while. Chris's course was a great way to get my creative wheels turning again. Covered a load of ways to create and present your material. Sign up for a Chris Head course NOW. You know you want to."

PRESS The former BBC Arts editor Will Gompertz (then Tate Media director) did the stand-up class over 10 years ago and wrote about it in the Guardian and here is an article about the course and climactic showcase gig from 2019 in the London Evening Standard. And the Evening Standard recommended it again in February 2022 alongside a charisma class and a course on saying 'no'! (The stand-up course will also supercharge your charisma, but is more likely to help with saying 'yes').

"Such an excellent stand up course! It's obvious that Chris has been fine tuning this course, because the whole thing just works so well. It is very practical, Chris has you standing up holding a mic in the very first session, so it's much, much more than just a weekly chat about jokes. A different aspect or style of stand up is covered every week, so you're guaranteed to find your own thing at some point. The weekly homework builds up nicely for the final showcase and the improv games make so much sense! Whether you're starting out, or if you're after new material, this course is a brilliant place to turn." Carwyn Blayney

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that following your stand up comedy course - I've gone from “ where on earth am I going to get gigs in Peterborough … or anywhere…” to “OMFG!! I’m a semi finalist on ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ at the Edinburgh Fringe …!!??!!#*!" Meena Dhokia