Writing New Stand-up Comedy Material: Tools & Inspiration (Live Zoom course)

Updated: Nov 14

Next start dates February 2023 (see below for full info).

"Amazing. Just gotta say again. The class is fricken excellent. Definitely the best stand-up class I have been to." MS*

* an act who has been going for 10 years

"Before the first session I was anxious, before the second I was excited, and by the third it was the highlight of my week! Trying out a different technique each week is really helpful and Chris’ feedback is very constructive." CR*

* a newer act

DEVELOP NEW STAND-UP MATERIAL AND PUNCH UP YOUR EXISTING STUFF! Learn more about your persona, develop your performance and get loads of new comedy tools and perspectives on my online stand-up course for gigging acts.

You'll be part of a group with a great bunch of stand-ups working with me, UK comedy director and author of "A Director's Guide to the Art of Stand-up", talking comedy and getting inspiration. I've run it with comics from all over the world and IT WORKS. Everyone ends up with new stuff and loads of ideas.

For stand-ups who are already gigging (or are returning to gigging after a break), this course will inspire you to write new material, give you comedy tools you will use again and again, as well as punch up your existing material.

I’ve these run stand-up writing sessions with all sort of comics, including several who have many years of gigging under their belt, and of course the beauty is we don’t all have to be in the same room in the same town so I’ve had some truly international groups where UK comics are mixed with acts from Ireland, Germany, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New Jersey and more.

We analyse and discuss stand-up clips nominated by you - including clips of your own gigs. I give you writing techniques and inspiration and every week we take a close look at some new material that group members have written, discussing how to get more out of it.

In summary, these incredibly effective online stand-up comedy writing sessions are for you if:

- you are a gigging comedian

- or are a comic who has had a break from stand-up and is wanting to get back into it.


- You want new material!

- You want stand-up writing techniques and inspiration.

- You want to have a more focused and effective writing routine.

- You have got out of the habit of writing.

- You want to get more out of your existing material or refresh material that isn’t working as well as it once did.

- You want a structured format that will provide tools, inspiration and accountability.

- You want to hang out online with other comics with an experienced director and coach who structures the sessions and holds the space.

"Chris has an encyclopaedic knowledge of stand-up and is really passionate about sharing it. The lessons and activities are well thought through and well structured. Chris has a very engaging style which encourages every participant to progress. The online format works extremely well for this topic and the weekly assignment helps practice and crystallise the learning points. Overall a very enjoyable experience." UB

5 x 2 hour sessions on Zoom

Next UK/European evening dates: Tuesday 28th February to 28th March 2023 7pm-9pm UK time/ 8pm-10pm European time

11am-1pm Pacific time (PDT)

2pm-4pm Eastern time (EDT) £125 (concession £105)


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