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Here are two things I have found out about running stand-up courses online.

1. Why I’ll only teach beginners stand-up classes live and in person

1. Zoom classes for stand-up beginners are not ideal. Yes I did a few courses during the lockdowns and people learned skills, developed material and became more confident of who they were going to be on stage and what they’d do.

BUT even though you can perform on Zoom, you really do need sessions live and in person (LIP I'm calling that which might actually be more catchy than IRL). They give you repeated opportunities to get onto the microphone in front of the rest of the group – not to mention the vital end-of-course showcase where you can put it all into practice in front of a friendly audience. (By the way an Irish comic I work with did tons of US Zoom gigs during the lockdowns - during the night Dublin time! He figured he'd be getting better as a comic. But when he finally went back on stage he discovered he'd got better... at Zoom gigs.)

That’s why I’ll now only teach complete beginners live in London and in my home town of Stroud, or anywhere else someone cares to invite me to do so (thanks Manchester, Leicester and Amsterdam! If you want me to come to you, please ask). And I’m not minded to bend this rule even in the event of a fresh global pandemic! (But maybe don’t hold me to that...).

2. Why running stand-up writing classes on Zoom for comics who are already gigging is brilliant.

But it’s a whole different situation with stand-ups who are already gigging (or are returning to gigging after a break). For them, an online writing space is ideal and all have found it an invaluable way to gain tips and techniques, get inspiration for new material and to get more out of old material – as well as meeting other comics and getting input from a director (me).

I’ve these run stand-up writing sessions with all sort of comics, including several who have many years of gigging under their belt, and of course the beauty is we don’t all have to be in the same room in the same town so I’ve had groups that have comprised Londoners, Scots, northerners, Dubliners, Berliners, Amsterdamers (is that a word?), New Yorkers and Los Angeles...ers. (Angelinos?). Plus, Aussies catching up on the play back option. (Aussies! Coming this autumn I'm running one timed for you guys!).

In summary, these incredibly effective online stand-up comedy writing sessions are for you if:

- you are a gigging comedian

- or are a comic who has had a break from stand-up and is wanting to get back into it.


- You want new material!

- You want stand-up writing techniques and inspiration.

- You want to have a more focused and effective writing routine.

- You have got out of the habit of writing.

- You want to get more out of your existing material or refresh material that isn’t working as well as it once did.

- You want a structured format that will provide tools, inspiration and accountability.

- You want to hang out online with other comics with an experienced director and coach who structures the sessions and holds the space.

Next dates and booking:

5 x 2 hour sessions on Zoom

Next run: June 30th - 28th July: 7pm-9pm UK time/ 8pm-10pm European time

11am-1pm Pacific time (PDT)

2pm-4pm Eastern time (EDT)


5 x 2 hour sessions on Zoom

Aussie friendly run:

6th September to 4th October 2022

This course is 10am-12pm UK time (final session 9am)

7pm-9pm AEST Australia time (same time every week)

Brits, Aussies and other nationalities welcome!


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